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Health reforms overdue and will save us millions

I write in relation to your article, quoting Dr Ian Clements, with regard to minister Hamilton's proposed, long-awaited, very overdue and absolutely necessary reforms to the health and social care sectors.

While not all of the proposals are, in my view, satisfactory, the doing away with the Health and Social Care Board is essential.

This is by no means a backward step; rather, the very opposite and, indeed, as I see it, does not actually go far enough.

We are coming down with "stakeholders", boards and trusts, with highly-paid officials, who certainly, on the face of it, if the present standards within the sectors under discussion are anything to go by, have totally failed the population of Northern Ireland.

If we can have a more efficient system for protecting our vulnerable citizens, looking after the health of all of our people and, at the same time, can save £27m for use on other worthwhile causes, then that is all very good news. Let us have more, minister Hamilton.


Conservative Party candidate in Lagan Valley

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