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Health service in urgent need of an overhaul

In the media over the last few weeks, we have seen politicians and trade unions bickering amongst each other over how the problems facing the health service should be tackled.

Nobody is giving us the cure, however, as all we hear is scare stories about proposed cuts and the constant need to pour in even more money which other politicians tell us is not available.

My proposed cure is simply for the health service to put people first instead of processes.

The prescription I would write would be firstly for both management and trade unions to properly listen to the views of staff, taking these on board when negotiating over service changes, and also to provide staff with all the support they say they need to do their jobs effectively.

Secondly, patients and clients need to be placed at the centre of the new health and social care system with services tailored to meet their needs. It should be the patients and clients that are the drivers for determining their needs and this is something which should not be done by some well-meaning bureaucrat on their behalf. Services should then be designed and delivered around these needs.




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