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'Heat or eat' fears over electricity price-hike

This is going to be a huge problem - especially for the elderly. They find it difficult enough in winter, maybe not seeing anyone for days because of the weather. They need fuel both for the house and the body - to keep alive. The Government has encouraged families to try to keep their loved-ones at home, rather than let them go into nursing homes. Now they want folk to be sitting freezing without heat and, in some cases, little food. Just what is the Government up to with cuts and prices going up. It seems they are writing the elderly off.


As a pensioner with a fixed income, I find it difficult enough to keep on top of bills. This increase, with the proposed decrease in fuel allowance, will cause real problems. What if my health gets worse? Oh, that will be OK. I will only have to pay an extra £5 to see the doctor and, likewise, for prescriptions. Some people do not see the whole picture. An extra £1 here and £1 there will be acceptable - not. I am not getting £110k per year and have to cut down to only a few bottles of champers a week. Maoby suggests nursing homes. But our savings pay for this. One joke I received suggested that pensioners should be sent to jail, where our requirements - health, dental, heating etc - would be covered. It is looking a better option as time goes on.


Roger Daltrey was so prophetic when he sang 'Hope I die before I get old'.


Doctors call for clarity over their pensions

First it was the lawyers; now it's the doctors whingeing as to their reimbursement from Government. Then the politicians' advisors get a salary increase. Can I ask a legitimate, simple, question? When can pensioners and those forced to live on DHSS handouts get an increase? I fear that those of us well down the pecking order will have to whistle Dixie.



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