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Heavy workload for new minister

Gerry Adams has very helpfully clarified the basis of the 'deal' on parades currently being discussed by the DUP and Sinn Fein.

Contrary to Peter Robinson's assertion that the Hillsborough deal is a good deal for unionism, Mr Adams makes it clear the DUP have ceded, or are about to cede, the last principle in Sinn Fein-orchestrated parades controversies - namely residents will now dictate who can walk down 'their' roads.

All the DUP talk of getting rid of the Parades Commission may be true, but the reality is becoming clear: what the DUP will negotiate will be even worse!

All along, Sinn Fein's agenda has been to create areas where they are in total control; areas where they will dictate when and how others will be allowed to pass through - as long as that community accepts Sinn Fein rule.

The outworking of the Garvaghy Road dispute has been an acceleration of the removal of the Protestant community from that area. Now Gerry Adams has explicitly told us that residents, current residents, must be given a veto on who walks through these areas.

Will he next be asking that residents, current residents, will be given a veto as to who should live in these areas, too?




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