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Help needed for DeLorean book

Despite all the bad press that accompanied the collapse of the DeLorean sports car company in Belfast in the early 80s, many people have happy memories of their time working at the Dunmurry plant or the docks, or at CPTrim, who produced seats and other interior trim components, during the time when the car was being developed and manufactured.

Within a few years, it became even more famous through the 'Back to the Future' film trilogy.

I am assisting the DeLorean Owners Club of UK to produce a high-quality, glossy coffee table book, based on a collection of almost 2,000 photographs from around the world, that celebrates the car – and the people and events that made it happen.

I wonder if any of your readers have photographs or anecdotes to add to these of their time working on this iconic car?

Barrie Wills

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