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Help needed in finding portrait of Tyrone Guthrie

I am currently editing for publication the letters of the theatre director Tyrone Guthrie (1900-1971) and am seeking the whereabouts of his portrait, painted in 1925 by distinguished artist James Sleator (1885-1950).

Guthrie was engaged by the BBC as a studio assistant and announcer and assigned to Belfast, where his voice was the first to be heard on the air.

Sleator was preparing an exhibition and invited Guthrie to sit for his portrait, which was subsequently shown at Rodman's Gallery in Belfast, in 1926, as Portrait of a Young Man. It is said to have depicted Guthrie with a mountain background.

Presumably, it was purchased privately, but its existence is unknown in the records of any of the arts institutions.

Any advice which your readers can give in locating this picture will be warmly acknowledged.


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