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Help needed to mark Belfast victims of Luftwaffe

This week marks the anniversary of what became known as the "Easter Tuesday" air raid by the German Luftwaffe on Belfast in 1941, while in a few weeks' time, we will have the anniversary of what was known as the "Fire Raid" on May 4/5, 1941.

Hundreds of people were killed and those who were sadly never positively identified lie in two mass graves - one in Milltown Cemetery and a second in Belfast City Cemetery.

I have a website dedicated to the Second World War in Northern Ireland and have spent some years researching and then visiting various sites around the country which have some connection to the war. These sites have been photographed and included with some information on my website:

Although the website is extensive, I am sure there are many locations which I have yet to visit.

Do any of your readers know of somewhere which I should include? Perhaps an air raid shelter I have not visited? Or an old camp, or pillbox, or something else?

Please contact me at This is my hobby and I want to be able to show that, rather than having to visit some far-off field to find evidence of the Second World War, a trip to your local cemetery may bring you to a headstone saying "Killed by enemy action".


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