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Help Oxfam give women farmers a better future

When you support a woman to lift herself and her family out of poverty, you help a whole community. Women's skills, resilience, determination and ingenuity are invaluable - but greatly under-used - resources to overcoming poverty.

If women farmers had the same access to land, tools, seeds and credit as men, they could grow enough extra food to feed more than 100 million of the world's hungriest people.

Women's rights is an issue close to my own heart and I was fortunate enough to witness first-hand the impact of Oxfam's work with women in Tanzania.

I met small-scale women farmers who overcame obstacles to ensure there is enough to eat for everyone in their community.

I saw women and men come together to stand up against domestic violence - and committed to recruiting at least 10 others to do the same.

Going to Tanzania was a truly life-changing experience, reinforcing for me the power of women to change the world and how Oxfam's work is helping women effect real change, for the good of their family and community.

By supporting Oxfam this Christmas, you can help give women a better future.

Sharon Corr

Oxfam Ireland ambassador

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