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Help Rotary finally stamp out polio

Your letter, entitled "Polio campaign set for take-off" (Write Back, July 1), is very encouraging in its desire to fight polio, which causes great misery to many people, especially children, in the vulnerable areas of the world such as Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

While welcoming the initiative, I would like to draw your attention to the work that Rotary International has been doing since the 1970s to fight this disease.

Through enormous donations, Rotary International - later joined by the Gates Foundation - has now helped eradicate polio in all but three countries.

The Rotary campaign End Polio Now has reduced polio by 99% since it first vaccinated children in the Philippines in 1979.

Rotarians have helped immunise two billion children against polio in 122 countries. This is something Rotarians worldwide are proud of, but until polio is totally eradicated Rotary will continue its immunisation programme to rid the world of this tenacious and crippling disease.

Whichever charity you give to, this awful disease will soon be ended.


President, Newtownabbey Rotary Club

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