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Help shape a proper future and join NI21

ON glancing at the front page of the Belfast Telegraph yesterday, I thought that the NI21 party had placed an advertisement.

Rushing to page 26 to read more about NI21, I discovered that it was the paper's own view that was on display.

Anyone who finds themselves agreeing with these sentiments should get actively involved in the new political party that is NI21.

For too long, the rational, decent, law-abiding, but silent majority of residents have allowed sectarian parties to rule either by not voting at elections, or by voting for compromise parties.

The time has come to move away from the stereotyped thinking of the 20th century and focus on what is positive and good about Northern Ireland in the 21st century. If this is how you feel, you can play a positive part in shaping the policies and direction of NI21.


Coleraine, Co Londonderry

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