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Help to improve NI's stroke care services


As many of your readers will know, stroke affects more than 4,000 people each year in Northern Ireland. Stroke is a leading cause of disability, but unfortunately many stroke survivors and their families struggle to access the services and long-term support they need.

At the Stroke Association, we believe every patient should have access to the best treatment and care. Despite the substantial progress made and the many dedicated health professionals in NI, our services are lagging behind other parts of the UK.

Independent reports have found NI has no seven-day stroke therapy service and inadequate rehabilitation and long-term support in the community. Too many survivors tell us they struggle to access services and that this hampers their recovery.

Over the last two months, Health and Social Care have been asking stroke survivors, families and carers to share their concerns on how to reshape our stroke services.

This is an opportunity for everyone to have their say and help create a new model of stroke care that will reduce disabilities, save lives and enhance life after stroke. There will be a public meeting on September 7 at the Stormont Hotel, Belfast (6.30pm) and we would like to encourage readers to get involved. For info go to:

Barry MacCauley

NI director, Stroke Association


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