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Help us to fund research into ME

You will have heard on the BBC national news of the recent discovery of abnormalities in the white blood cells of children with ME - sometimes known as chronic fatigue syndrome.

This research was carried out by Professor Jo Belch, of Ninewells Hospital Dundee, funded by ME Research UK.

This patients' organisation is proud to have contributed £6,000 last year towards this research which, with the recent discovery of retrovirus presence in 65% to 90% of ME victims, should lay to rest the myth of ME being a mental condition.

ME Research UK is headed up by medical scientist and Ulsterman Dr Vane Spencer.

In the absence of any Government funding for research into ME, we have to rely on public donations. These should be sent to the NI Campaign for ME, 3a Stranmillis Court, Belfast, BT8 5EU, Charity Number XR23493.


Voluntary director, NI Campaign for ME


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