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Help's at hand for TV licence issues

TV Licensing has been working hard with local groups across Northern Ireland to highlight licensing requirements to people who may speak Polish, Lithuanian, or other languages, as their first language.

With more than four million people in the UK whose main language is not English, TV Licensing has worked with many local advice organisations and community groups, including the Polish Consulate, to highlight to the community of more than 25,000-30,000 Polish people in Northern Ireland, among others, when a TV licence is needed.

TV Licensing produces literature in 20 languages, along with translated webpages explaining licensing requirements, including in Polish, Lithuanian and Portuguese.

People who are not confident speaking in English can call TV Licensing on 0300 7906044 and use a language translation service, which allows customers to set up, or pay for, a TV licence over the phone in more than 120 languages.

If anyone from the Polish community, in particular, is not sure if they need a licence or not, they can contact Jerome Mullen, honorary Polish Consul for Northern Ireland, through the consulate website - - or contact TV Licensing directly.


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