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Here's proof of Rome's 'monopoly' over salvation

FATHER Patrick McCafferty says (Write Back, October 8) that I am "incorrect in claiming that the Roman Catholic Church believes salvation cannot be found outside that Church".

Fr McCafferty says that this statement by me is "a common anti-Catholic false assertion and it flies in the face of the easily discoverable facts".

May I please point out some discoverable facts?

1. The 14th article of the creed of Pope Pius IV (1564), which is an abbreviated form of the creed of the Council of Trent, refers to what it terms "This true Catholic faith, out of which none can be saved".

2. Pope Boniface VIII made the claim: "We declare it to be altogether necessary to salvation that every human creature should be subject to the Roman Pontiff".

3. Pope John XXIII was no sooner inaugurated, in November 1958, than, in his coronation address, he was speaking of the "fold" of Jesus Christ, by which is meant the company of the saved. He said: "Into this fold of Jesus Christ no one can enter if not under the guidance of the Sovereign Pontiff: and men can securely reach salvation only when they are united with him, since the Roman Pontiff is the Vicar of Christ and represents His person on earth".

I am not anti-Catholic; my argument is not with Catholic people, but with doctrines of that Church that are far removed from Holy Scripture.



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