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Here's to Good Samaritans of Bedford Street

I WAS walking down Bedford Street in Belfast this morning when I encountered a girl in a tracksuit huddled in a doorway against the biting cold wind and rain. I got down beside her and asked her why she wanted to throw her life away and followed up by asking "Does nobody love you?"

'Maria' looked at me. Then I said "I'll give you no money but is there anything that you'd like?" A cup of tea and some food she replied.

I left her, went into a cafe and asked the lady behind the counter to give the girl I was about to bring in a cup of tea and some food and I would pay for it.

I went back to fetch the girl but circumstances had changed. A man with a sleeping bag had turned up and I withdrew. I went back to the cafe to explain the situation and this is what the waitress said: "You'd be surprised at the numbers of people that bring homeless people into this cafe and feed them."

So love did come down at Christmas and one consequence is that you can bump into Good Samaritans in Bedford Street.

Clifford Smyth

79 Beechgrove Ave, Belfast

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