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High cost of problems in Holyland

So a local consortium of consultants is to be paid £30,000 to come up with a blueprint for a solution to the troubles in the Holyland.

Last March, on St Patrick's Day, policing the Holyland cost us £60,000. In May of last year, following these riots, a Holyland Stakeholder Forum - to create the perception of action - met at Malone House. Some 45 people attended - the majority on the public payroll.

What they concluded, I do not know. What that meeting cost, I do not know, but I guess it to be in the region of £10,000.

However, I do know who paid the bill - the ratepayer. This brings the total expenditure for these three exercises to £100,000 of taxpayers' money.

When is it going to register with the MPs, MLAs, chief executives, etc that the public are not a bottomless pit of readily available cash.

Watchdogs, regulators, auditors, ombudsmen are a continuous drain on the community, while the people who are meant to be providing us with the service continue to draw their salaries.

Whatever happened to the slogan 'The Polluter Pays'?




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