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High praise for officer who found our missing boy

In touring the city of Belfast these past few days I have enjoyed the views, attractions and a cold Guinness (or two). All of what I expected from our three-day trip. What I didn't expect was to engage with the local law enforcement at a time of great need.

This afternoon, just after lunchtime, our seven-year-old boy slipped away among the crowd at the Titanic museum. Fear, panic and an unimaginable feeling of dread spread over my wife and I as we scoured the area for our son.

Within 15 minutes of last seeing him my wife spoke with Constable Jim Millar over his lunch break at the Dock Cafe. Without giving it a second thought Constable Millar was up and engaged in priority one: finding our boy.

Constable Millar displayed an air of calmness, professionalism and downright excellence as he went about engaging his network of fellow officers to implement a plan for locating our son. I was impressed with his compassion and inventive thought in implementing a plan of action. Forty-five minutes later (and after a few miles of collective strides and countless back-and-forth phone calls), I am happy to report that Constable Millar and his fellow officers in uniform found our son a mile away from the museum. Scared and shaken, but in good health, we were reunited as a family.

Though the online sites and tourist books proclaim the fancy restaurants, comfy hotels and hottest attractions as the reason to visit a particular city, it is the hidden gems that make a place worth visiting. Belfast has such a thing in its police force - men and women like Jim Millar of PSNI Strandtown, working tirelessly to provide safety and well-being for all folks that walk her streets.

We are forever grateful for their service and will look forward to another visit to this wonderful city in the years to come.


Hamilton, Montana, USA

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