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Hillsborough lesson for the authorities

POLICE forces - and those in authority over us generally - do themselves and those they purport to support an enduring disservice when they deny truth and justice.

The Hillsborough tragedy is a story writ small for peoples everywhere. It gives a glimpse of the underlying reason for unresolved global conflicts. If the people of Liverpool had not been able to establish the truth of that fateful day, a massive lie would have been written into the history books.

This unjust denial of the need of the victims' loved ones to establish the truth would have bred long-lasting distrust and disrespect for authority, and policing in particular.

Another narrative would have been established - one that would be passed down from generation to generation; that authority is anti-people and cannot be trusted. This would lead to unrest, dissent - and more.

When those in authority recognise the veracity of this, they will understand that truth and justice denied (or delayed) makes keeping public order much more difficult and is not conducive to the bringing about of harmonious societies.


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