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Historical truth is as important as free speech

I do agree with your contributor, Mick Hume (DebateNI, September 30) that freedom of speech also entails the publication of controversial opinions as this lays the foundations for a debate.

However, this is not what I try to argue here in regards to Dr Kevin McCarthy's letter 'Poles can't deny role in Auschwitz' (Write Back, September 16) - even though it would seem that the Belfast Telegraph is trying to put itself into the role of sole advocate for freedom of speech.

I reiterate that it was not my intention to demand only "inoffensive" opinions be published. I do, however, stand up for accuracy and historical truth. If one publishes information which is not true, one must not simply invoke freedom of speech in its defence.

If the Belfast Telegraph is an eager defender of freedom of speech, why does it fail to allow the other side to express their views in response to Dr McCarthy's letter?


Ambassador of the Republic of Poland

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