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History has proven the strength of the Union

IN seven months, all citizens aged 16 and over in Scotland will be eligible to vote in a referendum: remain part of the UK, or become an independent country.

Scotland's position within the United Kingdom has helped ensure a strong, united economy and military, intelligence and political machine to keep both the UK and the United States in a solid position of global influence.

As the European Union concept has begun to falter, it is clear that the United Kingdom is a much more stable union to be part of. While the European Union may fail, Britain will remain strong as long as it is united.

These days, we should be looking at ways to better integrate the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the UK and move towards a single marketplace. American independence – while seemingly a good idea at the time – has turned out to be a huge mistake long-term. Today, the average Briton enjoys a higher living standard than their American counterpart and overall a much more transparent and responsive government.

In spite of the illusions of many Americans, the fact is our culture and legal system are both entirely British. Our ideals of free speech, democracy and human rights are all directly from the UK. Those seeking more information on why Scotland should remain part of the UK can visit the website of Better Together (a non-partisan campaign supporting the Union) at


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