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History shows people must cast their vote

Some 28% of the UK electorate did not vote in the June 16 referendum. Richard Nixon was returned on just 1% of the popular vote in 1969 - condemning the American and Vietnamese people to seven more years of war.

In 1933, Adolf Hitler was returned on a minority vote. Across the Atlantic, some 43% of Americans did not vote last November.

Low voter turnout seems to favour less favourable outcomes.

Higher turnout would favour more centre-ground parties.

The Assembly itself is inherently ineffectual due to the availability of petitions of concern.

Sitting at home on election day will not change things for the better.

Northern Ireland faces a return to the same old status quo of this past 16 years. A legislative assembly that does very little legislating.

Scandals and gross incompetence are no excuse for not voting.

People need to be motivated to return better candidates.

Otherwise, the hacks and the bigots will be back.


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