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Home abuse survivors deserve justice now

The only way to get justice for the last few Protestant survivors of residential homes (and others) in the Republic is to work with institutions covered by the 2015 Commission of Inquiry.

We need a fast track to redress for living survivors who can prove their case with documentary evidence.

Living survivors must be at the centre of the issue and the issue must not be driven by political influence.

The Bethany Home - after 23 years of campaigning - is the only home which has produced indisputable evidence from the state's own archives. To date, no home which qualified under the 2002 Redress Act has been able to make the same case.

It is now time to give Bethany survivors the justice that has been denied them. We are only working on the criteria laid out by the then minister, Dr Michael Woods, and the Bethany Home has ticked all those boxes - and more.


Justice for Bethany Homes campaign

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