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Home grown business is best for NI

I am disappointed in the report of the Varney Review and tired of reading the arguments in support of a common rate of corporation tax for Northern Ireland and the Republic.

A common argument is the land boundary, but all over Europe, Asia etc, there are many countries with land boundaries and with their own tax regimes. Each country can manage its own affairs.

It is a cop out for academics and accountancy bodies in Northern Ireland to blame the tax regime of the UK.

Our problem is that too much credence is given to the academics and accountancy bodies. If we are part of the UK, we must accept the tax regime which applies in the UK. If we want a common tax regime with the Republic, then we know what to do. The Republic has prospered for many reasons other than the taxation rate.

Practice accountants do not run business, they do not create business, they live off the backs of business.

It is time to re-appraise the whole ethos of Invest NI and the merry band of consultants and accountants who decide which companies to assist. These are people who do not understand what is involved in trying to make a pound.

They demand fledgling businesses pay thousands to consultants and accountants in preparing reports and projections.

Let's stop talking about tax loopholes and blaming Gordon Brown.

Stop begging for multinational companies who come for the duration of financial assistance and then leave town. Let us use the talents of our own people.

We have the wit and ability to make business in Northern Ireland successful, but please curtail the influence of those who have never run a business.

I Brown, Newry

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