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Our families have lived in Australia for several generations.

Over the last few weeks my family and I visited your country and found it beautiful and picturesque, with friendly people always ready to stop and chat or give directions or advise about where to go.

We have fond memories of eating Irish stew while listening to an Irish trio and their music and feeling safe and secure in your country.

Since returning to Australia we have heard on the radio and have seen on TV the scenes of shootings and killings. This is not the country we tell our fellow countrymen to go and visit, and tell them they will love being there. Is it the desire of people in your country to show the world that Ireland is a country of fear and intimidation?

There maybe people in your country who don't want visitors, tourists and investors, but this will only turn the international image of your country back hundreds of years. Before you go down this road just think how the rest of the world views your country.

Chris Clark

Victoria, Australia

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