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Homework is a chore we could do without

I HAVE felt that homework should be abolished since I was a child. Now, as a mum of three kids in primary and secondary school, I am still of that opinion.

We mothers are busier than ever. We are trying to juggle careers, kids, housework, cooking, shopping and the mountain of other chores that are required on a daily basis.

These homeworks make me want to pull my hair out. First of all, there is just far too much of it – on average an hour a night.

Multiply that by three or four and it doesn't leave a great deal of time in your evening for much else.

Kids are at school receiving an education five days a week – isn't that enough?

Some parents, of course, will disagree.

They relish sitting with their children going through hours of homework and times-tables, otherwise how else will their little Gyles ever become a rocket scientist?

Let kids be kids. Let's take some of the pressure off them, off parents and off the teachers, who, let's face it, have to sit marking these homeworks every night.

If some children want to do homework, that can also be an option. Home study sheets can be an easy thing to arrange, but not compulsory.

If we can, perhaps, just manage a bedtime story before falling into bed half-dressed and exhausted at the end of the day, we're doing well.


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