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‘Homosceptic’ opinion must also be respected

Why is Eamonn McCann so |desperate for footballers to give their sexual orientation?

Have they not got a perfect right to withhold that information if they so wish?

Is he worried that not as many people as he thought are homosexual/lesbian, despite the publicity given to the cause by those in the public eye?

And why does sexual |orientation need to be dragged out into every aspect of public life?

Our sexuality is only a part |of our humanity, not the whole |of it.

As he said, “the expression |of attitudes and values (ie |in favour of heterosexuality) |remain widespread and |deeply felt in society...” — despite the strident propaganda of |those who push the pro-gay agenda at every opportunity ad |nauseam.

I wish he would realise this and allow those of us who sincerely disagree with homosexual practice the courtesy to hold our beliefs without forever being called |homophobic.

Incidentally this is the wrong use of the word, for a phobia is |a fear of something, and we are |in no way afraid of homosexuals; we just disagree with their |behaviour.

“Homosceptic” would be a better description.



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