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Homosexuals are not qualified for marriage

AS children, before puberty, girls play with girls and boys play with boys. I know because, aged nine, I tried to join a rugby game and all I heard was: "No girls, no girls!" My brother picked me anyway; he was a captain and stood his ground at the protest.

So what happens after puberty? If we mature normally, boys start to play with girls and vice versa. Into old age there are areas in our maturation that never reach adulthood; we try to grow - even in old age - but, stubbornly, sometimes we just can't seem to put away childish things.

In my opinion, homosexuals are not mature enough to leave the same-sex playmate behind; their sex drive develops physiologically after puberty, but is still directed toward their childhood friend.

How can an immature love that cannot procreate be called marriage? Dyslexia runs in my family. I love to learn about everything; you could give me a degree, but I'm not qualified.

Neither is a homosexual qualified for marriage.


Newry, Co Down

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