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Honest Man's argument for natural selection is simply propaganda meant to quieten opposition

letter of the day: question of evolution

Your correspondent Honest Man ("Christians can't deny reality of evolution", Write Back, September 12) claims "it cannot be reasonably denied that evolution is evident in nature today".

Unfortunately, the examples he cites - "many new strains of microbes which have developed resistance ... moths in polluted inner cities (which) have darker wings ... birds (which) have evolved different breeding times to cope with climate change" - are all examples of micro-evolution which involves variations WITHIN a species.

This is something different from the generally understood concept of evolution, in which a new - and quite distinct - species arises.

The latter has never been observed in nature, so it is incorrect for Honest Man to deduce that "the truth is that evolution is real, current and all around us" - the microbes, moths and birds remained microbes, moths and birds respectively and revert to their previous forms when circumstances change.

The above distinction has nothing to do with adherence "to a selective literalist interpretation of the Bible", but, rather, an unbiased consideration of the evidence.

While the theory of evolution may be true, the arguments presented fail to establish it - we simply do not know the reason for the diversity of nature.

Once this is understood, the assertion that those who do not accept his pseudo-scientific dogma to the contrary "have no right to deliberately misinform the wider public on accepted scientific theory" is exposed as dishonest propaganda designed to suppress opposition, rather than an attempt to further rational discussion in order to elucidate the truth.


Salford, Greater Manchester

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