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Honour Wiggins -protect cyclists

How great is Bradley Wiggins's Tour de France win? (Sport, July 23). Once thought impossible for a British cyclist to win, wouldn't it rank alongside Roger Bannister's four-minute mile?

But in the 20 years that have taken Bradley from a 13-year-old racing at Herne Hill to the ultimate cycling accolade, more than 30,000 cyclists have been killed, or seriously injured, on UK roads.

And most not because they did anything wrong, but because drivers did: excessive/inappropriate speed; driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs; and, in more recent times, distracted by mobile phone, or satnav.

How safe will Bradley be when he returns to the roads of Lancashire? Isn't his Tour win an investment that will mean a great many youngsters taking up cycling? Will the safety of cyclists and the fitting punishment of guilty drivers now become a priority?



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