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Hopefully McNarry can sort out bus lane turmoil

I read with interest the article written by David McNarry MLA (DebateNI, November 6) on the current and somewhat thorny issue of bus lanes.

The next morning, I received a letter telling me I had violated a bus lane by driving in it about 4pm on Monday, November 2. Also enclosed was a photograph of my car in the lane just before the traffic lights close to Premier Drive on Belfast's Shore Road. I had entered it to turn into the drive to get to my home. There wasn't a bus in sight and the act took less than 20 seconds.

The previous day, I had taken my wife to the RVH to learn she was suffering from a rare, incurable illness that would progressively get worse and eventually leave her house-bound. As it is, she can't walk unassisted and needs a wheelchair when I take her out of the car. Both of us are in our seventies and only use the car to get to the doctor, or hospital, appointments and the nearest supermarket.

The letter says I can appeal, but what's the point? I was in a bus lane when I shouldn't have been and I broke the law. During much of my working life before retirement, I was a professional driver without any convictions and it's hard to believe what I did constitutes a fine for an alleged transgression that took only seconds.

I will pay the reduced fine (£45) as I'm much too preoccupied with my wife's state of health to go to appeal.

One final point: having paid road tax and comprehensive car insurance for more than 50 years, I would like to know why I and my fellow motorists cannot use certain parts of the roads we pay to maintain.

I wish Mr McNarry success in his endeavour to solve a problem that is giving many drivers in Northern Ireland cause for concern.



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