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Hopefully now integrity will take precedence

Dysfunctional, elitist, narcissistic, words of extreme descriptive condemnation, expressed on the Vatican's behaviour in their inept dealing with the problem of child abuse in Ireland, never mind the rest of the world.

Such words did not come from the mouth of some King Billy fanatic, but come from the political head of state in the Republic of Ireland, the Taoiseach, Mr Enda Kenny, whom I believe to be a devout, practising believer of the Roman Catholic faith.

Whilst I do not anticipate the destruction of the Vatican or the Roman Catholic faith, these revelations will undoubtedly, cause division amongst its flock.

However leaving this aside for a moment, we have turmoil in the media with equally, other obscene revelations, followed by alleged police corruption, not to mention covert, "back door" politics by political leaders and the influence of media moguls.

People like me, can now live with some hope, that finally decency, integrity and respect to their fellow human beings, will take precedence in society.

A new dawn has now entered my dreams!

Harry Stephenson

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