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Horror attack on dog deserves punishment

I was horrified to read Linda Stewart's report on the poor greyhound Norman having his ears cut off. I am totally incensed about this. What sort of people would do that? Why couldn't they just hand the poor creature in to an animal charity and say they could no longer look after it?

What also makes me really angry is that there does not seem to be anybody in this country bothered enough about the cruelty to try and find out who perpetrates it and bring them to justice. When there is no punishment for these people there is no deterrent for others.

If we allow people to treat poor innocent animals in such a way what else are they capable of?

All I can hope now for Norman is that he recovers from the surgery and these injuries and that he gets a really good forever home where he can be pampered and looked after as he deserves and the ones who did this to him are punished.

In America anyone found treating animals cruelly are handcuffed and brought before a judge. What happens here? Absolutely nothing. Somebody somewhere knows who left that poor dog in that state. They should be named and shamed.

Liz Lyness


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