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Horse race is nothing but a grand disgrace

The only surefire bet at the Grand National is that of all the losers, it's the horses who lose the most (Sport, April 16).

Synchronised and According to Pete are just the latest in a long list of horses to suffer a premature death courtesy of horse-racing.

The thoroughbreds forced to take part in the Grand National are accidents waiting to happen: their legs are too long and fragile, they're forced to run while still young and growing and they're whipped and pushed literally to breaking point.

What sort of person can find it amusing, or ethical, to bet on exhausted animals, knowing that some will crash face-first into the ground and career into one another on the deliberately punishing and hazardous course.

As we've seen again this year, not all leave the track alive. More than 400 horses are raced to death in the UK every year.

Many who survive to the end of their racing days are then discarded like used betting slips - to be killed, butchered and sold off piece by piece. The Grand National is a national disgrace.



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