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How best to keep track of gas costs

I have received a notice from Phoenix Gas telling me that from October 1 the new tariff price of gas will be 5.660p per kilowatt hour and, like Donald Gregory (Write Back, October 27), I wonder how their ‘formula’ works? What is a kilowatt hour?

After refurbishment to my home I found a ‘payeasy’ card beside by gas boiler and it has proved to be a blessing in disguise.

No more wondering what gas has been used and no bills.

I had one reading a year and wondered how to budget for usage. Now I check the meter every week and can tell at a glance how many cubic meters I have used and how many are left.

Then I use the ‘payeasy’ card to refill. The receipt from the pay point tells you volume credit in cubic metres, so where does the ‘kilowatt hour’ come in?

A friend who still has a meter asked Phoenix the new charge and was told they did not know!

It now costs 64p a cubic metre from 42p a year ago and, despite the review, I feel sure the price will not come down before February. I have used an average of 32 cubic metres over the last year and the average weekly cost has risen from £13.50 to £21.50. I am looking for a job to supplement my pension.

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