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How could we forget Bloody Friday horror?

I wonder how many people marked the 38th anniversary of Bloody Friday last week. The media, with few exceptions, certainly didn't.

Every year other anniversaries are recognised, throwing into stark relief the fact that there is a hierarchy of victims. In some instances, this is due to the stoking of embers by those who hypocritically tell us to move forward. At least Marty has come out and informed us of his position in the IRA during Bloody Sunday. All we need now is for Adams to inform us of what he was up to in Belfast in July 1972.

We must put the past into context to understand where we have come from and to help us shape the future - just as the Second World War is remembered in Russia and the Holocaust internationally. In the meantime, shame on us for not remembering, even slightly, all the Troubles' atrocities and shame on me for not remembering Bloody Friday.

I was on one of the first emergency crews who arrived in Oxford Street on that terrible day.


Ballyclare, Co Antrim


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