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How grandparents can make our society better

The festive season just past should make us all ask how many children are neglected or abused at this time of the year.

When a child is abused or killed it is a horror story in the media and everybody says "isn't that terrible? Something should be done".

Have you ever thought why society is getting more violent and muggings are on the increase?

It is because society is turning a blind eye to how our authorities are dealing with the treatment of children. Children are not getting the love and respect they need to grow up into decent citizens.

The Charter for Grandchildren states that when anyone is dealing with the welfare of children, the role grandparents play in their lives must be considered more seriously.

Not to take over, or step on any parent's toes; just to be considered more if the children are alone or have been abused or taken into care rather than go to strangers which the social services are famous for just to cut costs.

Grandparents go out of their way in trying to look out for their grandchildren's welfare, but are never recognised for their efforts.

Social services and the government are the worst to acknowledge that grandparents are in a better position than any other organisation for early detection of child neglect and abuse and are always willing to put themselves out to accommodate children in a crisis situation.

Please care and help grandparents to put a full stop to child abuse in 2010 by telling your council that the Charter for Grandchildren should be mandatory for professionals.


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