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How Kipps the stray cat wandered into my world and ended up becoming truly faithful companion

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My guardian angel is a stray cat that moved in with me just before Christmas. I have the habit of leaving doors and windows open and one cold morning this tortoiseshell cat with white paws ventured indoors and took a liking to my mattress. It's stayed with me ever since. It refuses to leave.

When it first showed up, it was so skinny. It was also covered in scabs, so I took it to the vet. I asked all my neighbours on the Highfield estate if anyone would claim it - I even raised the matter at the Highfield Residents' Association - but nobody had reported a missing cat.

At the PDSA I had to give a name to the cat.

It turns out to be a female, so I decided to name her 'Kipps'. She must have had an owner at some stage in the past, as she appears to have been neutered as a kitten.

Kipps is now around five years of age, with a slightly hanging belly, as you often find with neutered females.

However, it turns out that this cat was never microchipped. I've now had her microchipped in my name, so I'm now the official owner.

Kipps is very territorial and won't allow any other animal to approach the door. Even when she's asleep in my bedroom she's always got an eye on that door.

Kipps follows me around from room to room and out to the front garden and round to the back yard, where I hang out my washing. She observes everything I do with immense interest. When I'm in town, she waits for me at the garden gate.

I'm so grateful that this gentle animal has chosen to stay with me and keep me company, as I live alone.



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