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How long will the Afghan tragedy last?

On a bright, pleasant spring Saturday afternoon, all around Britain thousands of sports followers were out at their favourite arenas supporting their favourite teams.

The evening news reported how United, Chelsea, Tottenham and Glentoran had performed. This, indeed, is as it should be - it's the British way of life.

Meanwhile, in the hell-hole that is Afghanistan another British soldier was killed. It didn't make the main headlines, although it was mentioned later on.

Westminster, and indeed Stormont, are embroiled in forming up to fight elections - with Afghanistan taking a back seat.

When, may I ask, are they all going to realise that almost day-by-day we are losing a British subject whose life is crucial to his family and to his country?

When are they going to get our lads out of this absolute mess, so that these boys and girls can stand at Old Trafford, The Emirates or Stamford Bridge, or wherever, on a Saturday?

Yes, I've heard all the political and military reasons why they should be there, but I ask: when is it going to stop? What progress is being made? And when can our valued members of society be brought home?

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