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How many of Lo's colleagues echo her views?

LAST week, we learned that the Alliance Party's European candidate, Anna Lo, wants a 32-county "united Ireland" and she believes that Northern Ireland is "artificial", because she is "anti-colonial".

It would be welcome if other Alliance representatives could spell out clearly whether they agree with Ms Lo's views on our future in the United Kingdom.

Just to be clear: Northern Ireland is not a colony and nor is it artificial.

We are a full part of the United Kingdom, because of the will of a majority of people in Northern Ireland and their view rests upon a raft of very good historical, cultural and economic reasons.

The vast bulk of voters, right across the community, recognises that we would be substantially worse off as part of a united Ireland.

Ms Lo has at least been up-front about her views, but her comments raise some important questions for other Alliance representatives, who are less forthcoming and have described themselves as "agnostic" about the Union.

Do they agree that Northern Ireland is a colony?

Do they agree that Northern Ireland is "artificial"?

If the answers are "yes", it raises some profound questions about their commitment to the future of Northern Ireland, as well as exposing just how incoherent is Alliance's position on the constitution.


NI Conservatives' European candidate

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