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How many Stormont candidates really deserve a vote?

As the NI electorate is being bombarded by all kinds of fanciful promises by those wishing to be elected to what has become a moribund county council at Stormont, surely the time has come when the British and Irish governments come to the electorate's aid and remove the millstone they have placed around our neck in the form of a coalition.

The vox populi perception of the election is that never in the field of electoral conflict has such an array of ineptitude presented itself for public office. The factions masquerading as a coalition have nothing in common other than the number of seats they can garner and, unless there is intervention by both governments, we will never be rid of these turbulent parties.

Aware that Stormont is not peopled by the intellectually curious, my question is simple: is my vote worth the paper it is written on?



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