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How Peter Robinson can save cash

Peter Robinson is urging MLAs to come up with plans to save public money at a time when the private sector is under enormous pressure.

One of the ‘benefits’ of devolution must be our capacity to react quickly to difficult circumstances.

For a start Mr Robinson, at least 60 of the MLAs should be made redundant, along with their advisers and the adviser's advisers and the rest of the hangers on.

What contribution the lot of them make to Northern Ireland is invisible, like most of the MLAs now that they have been elected.

So lead by example, Mr Robinson, and show the private sector that you can cut out a lot of the deadwood.

At the other end of the scale you could stop getting your meals subsidised by the taxpayer, every little helps, and what do you and your deputy expect by running over to the US looking for investors when only a few months ago we had

over 100 businessmen from the US being wined and dined to the tune of over £1m, at the taxpayers expense?

What benefit did Northern Ireland get out of it?

You say the Executive must take difficult decisions, but it is up to you, if you consider yourself to be a leader, to make difficult decisions. That is what leadership is all about.



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