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How Translink put dampener on celebrations

I TRAVELLED to Belfast on the train with my family to watch the St Patrick's Day parade, only to find that Translink had actually cut the numbers of trains by running a 'Saturday' service rather than increase the capacity to cope with the large crowds attending the parade in Belfast.

So many people were crowded onto trains like cattle that the trains could not lift any more passengers at the last few stops coming into Belfast. One lady collapsed and was taken off the train in a wheelchair.

This was a chance for Translink to showcase public transport to customers, but sadly they only showed their incompetence and how out of touch and unresponsive they are to the public.

It was not just a lack of planning from Translink managers, rather a lack of simple common sense. It shows how this publicly subsidised company gets its money much too easy without any effective oversight from DRD.

Time for change



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