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How Ulster’s students suffer

I sympathise with Disgruntled Parent (Write Back, September 27). You would think a seat of learning would boast at least one bookshop.

That would be the common sense approach. However, once you get more familiar with Planet Ulster University, you will realise they don’t do rational in a big way. Ask any of the staff, past or present.

Something else they no longer have — a swimming-pool. Odd — especially for those studying subjects such as physiotherapy or physical education.

Furthermore, the student/staff canteens are now closed, to be replaced with expensive outlets — just what you need on a student loan!

It’s sad really. It used to be such a different place. However, in recent times, it’s been steadily going to hell in the proverbial handcart.

Then there are the car parking charges. It just goes on and on. The aim, it would appear, is to make staff as miserable as possible. Then, when staff have had enough of pay cuts, jobs downgraded, doing the work of three people on reduced wages/salary, when the lack of morale gets to them that they end up on sick leave/resigning, those in charge can congratulate themselves on money saved. I feel sorry for any UU student. They are attending a vastly depleted institution



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