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How will Gerry Adams run Sinn Fein's all-Ireland?

It was nice of Gerry Adams to take the time to rebut the very revealing essay by John A Murphy on Sinn Fein. What Gerry has failed to tell us is how exactly Sinn Fein will govern the Republic of all of Ireland.

For instance, will Mr Thomas Murphy be Minister for Finance and Revenue Generation and Gerry Kelly the Prisons Minister? Will Sinn Fein impose its own form of Sharia Law on the all-Island Republic. After all they have used this in the ghettos they "controlled" over many years as evidenced by brutal kneecapping, punishment beatings, some to death, and even secret execution and burials of those who crossed them. (This was the fate of the Disappeared, and others including Robert McCartney, Paul Quinn and Eamon Collins allegedly died after crossing the IRA).

Will the Republican Utopia envisaged by Sinn Fein allow North Korea and Cuba to station troops in the Curragh for instance? Come on Gerry let us know how this great project of yours will pan out. As it will affect us all we have a right to know.

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