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How will UUP deliver on the impossible?

May I suggest that the Ulster Unionist Party spells out to the electorate of Northern Ireland precisely where it is going with its so-called Programme for Change and how it intends to deliver this package?

After the May 5 election when UUP go back into Government, the rules will dictate that any changes in Stormont structures cannot be achieved without the consent of a majority from each side of the nationalist/unionist political divide.

As Sinn Fein controls the majority of nationalist seats and has a veto to block any vote for change, then UUP will be obliged to abide by the present enforced "shared government" rules as laid down at Stormont and the present "status quo" will continue.

The UUP, presently is, and will remain, unable to negotiate a deal for change within Stormont due to its low number of MLAs. The UUP therefore, is in an impossible position and cannot push through a Programme for Change while it wants to remain part of Government. So, how does UUP propose to deliver the impossible? The plain truth is that it can't.

Alex Elliott

TUV Fermanagh South Tyrone


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