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Huge supply of useless degrees

I've never taken much of an interest in politics. It always seemed irrelevant to me.

Of late I have become aware that it is probably a bit more important than I had expected, what with me now being a graduate with little hope of ever finding a graduate job, because of the financial shambles which I am reliably informed by David Cameron was caused by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

Many graduate employers won't even consider an applicant without a First or 2.1. This makes me annoyed.

Tony wanted everyone to go to university. He thought this meant everything would be better for everyone. All the world will be a graduate and we will be a very clever country.

However, why did no one at the time think to themselves, hang about, won't this have some kind of effect on the value of a degree? How will the universities cope with this massive expansion? Will the numbers of graduate jobs rise in proportion to the increased number of graduates each year? No, they did not. This appears to have come as a massive surprise.

The class of 2010 is in a pickle. Now it seems that if you didn't get a 2:1 in your degree you might as well not have one for all the use it will do you. Thus a large proportion of graduates have nothing to show for their last three years but astronomical debt and a hangover. Tony should be giving out refunds.

Alexandra Coleman, Chelmsford, Essex

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