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Huge thanks to all City Hospital staff

Many times I have threatened to commit my thoughts to your pages, but the issues move on, the annoyance passes and no letter is written. Now, I am duty-bound to express my sentiments, particularly since they are in such sharp contrast to the nonsense we are subjected to on chat shows and letters to editors daily, masquerading as political debate.

In April this year, my daughter was the recipient of a kidney transplant, the donor being her sister. Thankfully, both are doing exceptionally well and contemplating returning to work soon.

I cannot let this occasion pass without praising the fantastic people at Belfast City Hospital; from the incredible skill of the surgeons, the professionalism of the consultants, the care of all the medical and nursing staff and the friendliness and efficiency of the auxiliary team.

Many of these skills we should rightfully expect from experts, but the level of commitment, devotion, dedication and genuine kindness for a fellow human being shown by all these wonderful people was truly exceptional.

At no stage was there a sense of people "just doing their job". The team were brilliantly led, and they followed that lead brilliantly, so, again, many, thanks.

As of Tuesday, June 9, this team had successfully performed 47 kidney transplants in 2015. And our political "leaders" have contributed what?


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