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Human rights in Guantanamo Bay

Robert Verkaik’s powerful dispatch from Guantanamo Bay rightly focuses on the plight of Omar Khadr, the 23-year-old prisoner who was only 15 when originally detained, and who has been held at Guantanamo since he was 16.

Shamefully, the USA has held numerous children at Guantanamo during its eight-and-half-year existence. In Khadr’s case – as with so many Guantanamo prisoners – there are claims that he was tortured.

Instead of putting Khadr through an unfair “military commission”, the US authorities should try him in a civilian court in conformity with international standards, or free him and repatriate him to his native Canada.

In bringing a former child detainee before a military commission the USA is guilty of yet again undermining human rights principles at Guantanamo. The commission process should be abandoned in favour of US federal civilian courts.

Tim Hancock,

Campaigns Director,

Amnesty International UK,

London, EC2

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