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Humanists find own life's purpose... not God


In response to Donald J Morrison (Write Back, June 22), there is a profound notion among theists, which pervades their social ideology and personal beliefs; the meaning in life can only be found in the gods they worship.

Contrary to Mr Morrison's assertions - humanists have nothing for which to live, or "our greatest need is a spiritual one, which God can graciously and mercifully meet in the person of Jesus Christ" - the fact is, his beliefs and ideologies are unsubstantiated.

As an atheist, I've found many things which I strive to live up to and through which I find meaning. I have no need for spirituality.

I act in accordance with my own sense of right and wrong.

The couple he says he has "profound pity and deep sorrow" for have found meaning in each other. They live through, and love, each other.

No doubt each has their own goals in life, their own sense of duty, compassion and ideology.

If anyone is to be pitied, it is Mr Morrison and the people who think like he does.

They're trapped in a religion which makes them believe their very human responses are sins; sins which make them deserving of hell if they don't repent to a (non-apparent) god.

As humanism and atheism expand their reaches in an ever-secular world, the tendrils of religion will be cut off and people such as Mr Morrison will be left behind and forgotten.

Oh, the irony of it all. The desperate, clinging attempts to hold on to a worldview founded in faith and by faith alone, all the while, as Nietzsche proclaimed, god is dead.

For the last 3,000 years, gods have disappeared into the annals of lore and legend.

The Christian god is no different; the Islamic god (Allah) is no different; the Jewish god (Yahweh) is no different.

These remnants of a bygone era in human history, born of our ignorance, will inevitably disappear like all other gods; relegated to myth and studied as fiction, which is where they rightly belong.


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