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Hung Parliament not good for us, despite DUP claim

I WOULD like to seek clarity from Peter Robinson on something. Namely, what he will do in the unlikely set of circumstances where he both sees off the compelling challenge of Trevor Ringland for the Conservatives and Unionists and we get the hung Parliament the DUP desires?

Apart from the fact that hung Parliaments are weak and ineffective, undermining the Union as a whole (and therefore the very thing likely to plunge us back into economic chaos), it will also require all MPs to attend all sittings, voting on all issues at Westminster.

In other words, he would need to be a full-time MP, based in London for most of the working week and far removed from the seat of the devolved administration he is supposed to head up.

How does he think he will also be able to continue as Northern Ireland's First Minister in those circumstances?

Do not tell me he will get a pair from the Conservative side to cancel out his absence.

It is not on offer, nor could it be in the hung Parliament the DUP seem to think would be a good result for Northern Ireland.